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      Wendel,I am helping with my daughter in-law’s Genealogy.Her marternal Grandparents was Isabel Martinez who married Paul McKenzie.Isabel Martinez’s mother & father was Felipa Rodriguez & Gregorio Martinez.I would love to help in anyway I can on this.I do have a little info on the the family but not much.What I have well be happy to share with u.

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      A recent query….

      I was wondering if the Comal County Genealogy Society members could please help my family with information and/or pictures. I am working on a Family Tree and trying to get as much information and pictures if possible. See below a few details regarding my family.

      Both of Grandparents (Jesus and Benita Martinez) and (Gregorio & Felipa Rodriguez Martinez) and my Parents (Timoteo & Josephine Martinez) grew up and lived in Spring Branch. Several brothers and sisters of both of my grandparents also lived and worked here.

      My paternal grandparents, Jesus & Benita, had 12 children and they all lived on land owned my Dietrich Knibbe. These children where: Timoteo, Francisca, Guadalupe, Manuela, Jesus, Jose, Ramon, Francisco, Pedro, Juan, Juanita and Hilario) My maternal grandparents, Gregorio & Felipa Martinez, had 4 children: Gregorio Jr, Juan, Isabel and Josephine. My father and his six children including myself grew up living and working for Mr. Dietrich Knibbe on his farm on 281. We lived on land across from his home at 11301 US Hwy North in Spring Branch. This land is now owned by his daughter Ruby Ulbricht. The home I grew up has burned down but the old homesteads where my grandparents and other family members are still standing on this land.

      Some of my family members attended the old Spring Branch schools including Sherwood. I was a student there for only two years and my teacher was Edna Erle Ellis. My brothers and sisters( Timoteo, Benjamin, Mary, Rose) all attended Sherwood through the 6th and 7th grade until we moved in 1957 to San Antonio.

      My grandparents and parents attended the old one room white church at Spring Branch Rd. and then St. Joseph Catholic Church. We have found many names of family members being baptized, made their communion, confirmation and married both at the old small church and St. Joseph. We know some family members were also buried in local cemeteries and local farms but have not had much luck finding anything for they don’t have head stones. Several family members also worked for several other farmers in the area around Spring Branch, Bulverde, Sattler, Blanco, Boerne. Most of that generation are in their 80’s and late 70’s or has deceased so it is very hard to get any information. Being we were poor also we did not own a camera therefore have very few pictures of our family members and the places they lived and worked and played.

      I am trying to find anyone who may remember my family which can help me get some details of exactly where they worked, pictures of them working, etc. I would like to get pictures of the old schools including Sherwood. I have pictures of how it looks today but would love to get some older pictures. I also would like pictures of the old one room catholic church. It was known as the “Mexican Church” but we think the actual name was the “Little Chapel of Guadalupe at Spring Branch” but not really sure. Does anyone know exactly who owned this church, what was the actual name of the church and have any old pictures of it inside and out. I know that just recently it has been purchased and being moved to “Faithville” on Hwy 46. It is being refurbished and will again be a small chapel for worship and weddings. The new owner is also very interested in getting any information about this old church especially old pictures or articles.

      My father and his brothers also went to the old River View Inn just to the south of the Guadalupe Bridge on 281 which is owned by Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Bartels. They also of course went often to the Spring Branch Store. Again I would love to get old pictures of anything here in Spring Branch, Comal County which can help me on my family history.

      My address, phone number and e-mail is listed above if anyone can help me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanking you all in advance,

      Olivia Martinez Clements

      P.S. Out of all my family, I am the only one who has moved back to this part of the country. I love it here and intend to be here for the rest of my life.

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