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      Here is information from my marriage database: Wilhelm Clemens married Kathrinka von Coll 11/9/1872 in Comal County by Rev. G. G. Knuse. Comal County Marriage records Book E, Vol. 1871-1877. Comal County Genealogy Society Marriage Records page 22. There is one other listing for Wilhem Clemens marrying a widow Mrs. Marie Fricke 12/15/1859. The possibility exists that the July date could belong to Fricke or an earlier marriage of Wilhelm Clemens. They are buried in Comal cemetery & can be located on

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      My name is Richard Breithaupt and I live in Naples, Florida. In 1965 my mother gave me a tea service that she said had been owned by Katinka Clemens. I believe Katinka lived in Comal County. The 1920 Census lists her as a widow living in New Braunfels with Walter Clemens (age 45 in 1920), Meta Thormeyer and Isa Friesenbahn (both aged 26 in 1920). The Tea service is engraved with three dates: July 6, 1872, Nov. 9, 1872 and November 17, 1902. I assume the first date is her wedding date. My mother, Antoinette Clemens Breithaupt, was born in New Braunfels in 1906. Her parents were Alma Greune Clemens (1874-1952) and Herman Clemens (1869-1926). Herman’s father was born in Germany. I would like to find out if Katinka Clemens is related to me so when the tea service is given to one of my daughters, I can tell the story. Thank you.

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