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      This past Thursday I did some legwork in New Braunfels trying to find out where Johannes and Christina are buried. I found out that given the dates of their death(1870 and 1864, respectively), they could only be buried in one of two cemeteries, Comal Cemetery and the New Braunfels Cemetery. I went to the Comal Cemetery first because they have a sexton on site and the other doesn?t. He didn?t find Johannes? or Christina?s, but we did find Anna Catherine Ruempel Mann. The reason I asked him to search Mann was because he was listed as the head of household in the 1860 Comal county census. We looked on the wall map of the grounds and we found the name Joseph Mann in the section where Anna was listed. I went to the sight and I was surprised to find Anna Catherine?s original headstone still standing there. The most surprising thing I found was that there were three plots to the left of her stone unmarked. I am curious if Johannes, Christina and Joseph Mann are in the remaining three unmarked plots? The only thing is this cemetery came into existence in 1873. The sexton did tell me that there were pre-1873 graves that were moved to this cemetery from private cemeteries.

      Any info helping me prove this would be greatly appreciated,

      Jeff Ruempel

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