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Thanks to Connie Krause for providing the following information. If any of your relatives are listed below, you might want to take a close look at the pictures as they may be in these photos. If you locate anyone you know, please post their name and number from the photo.

Marbach men #125 Chartered on October 20, 1895 in Bracken

Founding members: John Marbach, Hermann Busch, Gustav Bielstein, John Mikesh, P. C. Classen, Daniel Goll, Fritz Haag, Phil Prinz, Adolph Bremer, Georg Heitkamp, Ernst Haag, and Karl Steubing

In 1921, consolidated with Sister Lodge, Fruhlings # 48, and they both merged with Johann Sahm # 116 in 1939. They again merged on February 1, 1945 with Carl Rompel #268.

Sister Lodge, Fruhlings # 48 Chartered at Luxello – date not known at this time

Founding members: Emma Heitkamp, Emma Bremer, Bertha S. Haag, Emma Haag, Annie Hankammer, Bertha A. Haag, Hulda Stroek, Therese Steubing, Emma Fenske, Hilda Bremer, Dora Herrmann, Emilie Bergemann, Laura Bremer, Dora Marbach, Ida Haag, Marie Busch and Bertha Armke