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I had forgotten that in my collection of goodies I also inherited an autograph book of Hedwig “Hattie” Jonas who was my grandfather’s sister. It is dated Dec. 25, 1909 and I just realized that it occurs about this same time frame. It is my guess that some of the children that signed her autograph book are also in these school photos. Here is a partial list of children whos names were deciferable: Brunno Kretzmier, Henry and James Ogletree, Bertha Hampe, Annie Bernstein, ? & Elsie Pfeuffer, Edwin & Nelson Kroesche, Ella & Lida Schaefer, Lillian Rausch; Emilie, Willie, and Ella Eweling; Ernest K. Gruene, Telka & Wanda Doehue, and Ella & Loni Jahns (twins). All of these children were around 8 to 12 years of age. Most of these I was able to find on the 1910 Cenus and are seemingly from the Goodwin area. THe Eweling children even signed the book Goodwin……so hopefully someone in these families might study these photos and recognize someone. I have been told that Hattie did not attend school but she was probably friends with the same children that her brothers were. My grandfather even signed her book. It is a cherished treasure.