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I hope that you still occasionally check this site for replies. While looking online for information about my family I came across your posts then signed up in order to answer your request.
My maiden name is Elvira Reil and I am the third child of Dennis P. Reil III and Dennis Reil, or Dennis/ Dionicio Reil is my Great Grandfather.
While I was doing my research I came across the name Marcelina Rios who is listed as John Reil’s mother, but it did not list a father. Now I know who the father of my great grandfather was – John Friedrich Reil.
I knew that we were of German decent, but could not find anything past Dennis Reil I .
If you get this message please feel free to email and perhaps we could put our histories together to make a nice family tree.
I hope to hear from others about our family – Reil.