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      There is a Blanco Road that ran near Fischer Store. You should send these photos to Alton Rahe, Terry Fischer and Bryan Weidner. I am at the ARchives and do not have their e-mail addresses here. If you do not have them either, let me know and I will send them to you.

      I am planning on a field trip for CCGS on March 24 to the Hermann Sons Archives and then a program on the surrounding Area Lodges for our November meeting. I will get more info on the Austin Hill lodge and send you what I find out.

      Take care,

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      I have been visiting with Mr. Alton Rahe and he tells me that Hwy 46 used to be called the Blanco City Road. So in 1910 the census taker takes off on the southern part of Hwy 46, the Seguin Rd, heads toward Hunter, and ends back up at Gruene and then back to the Blanco Rd.
      So I am guessing that this photo may be from the Hortontown or Neighborsville community. If anyone knows anything about a school located in this area please respond.

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      I am almost certain that these are taken somewhere in New Braunfels area, before 1910.
      On the lower photo, the second boy in the front row is my grandfather, Herbert C. Jonas. It is his brother beside him and then another one behind him. On the top photo you can pick them out in the back of the photo, but I don’t think my grandfather is in that one.

      I am guessing these photos were taken around 1908-09. My grandfather was born in Jan 1902. His other brothers were born in 1896 and 1899. Herbert does not look to be more than 7 years old is why I am guessing the photo was taken in the years to be before they moved. On the 1910 Census they lived in Precinct 5, District 14 and Blanco Rd is written in the margin. That is all I know about where they lived. SO I would really like to know what school this was and who the teacher is.

      I have some records that were sent to me that were supposed to be from Oscar Haas (he was also a Jonas descendant) that Frank’s father Karl Jonas purchased a large ranch in 1890 on the Hancock/Fischer Store Rd. Before that they lived in the York Creek area on a 1288 acre ranch that Karl purchased in 1888 (which is only two years difference, so he may have purchased it and then never moved out there? and also this was only a few years before Karl’s death). On the 1900 Census Frank lived next door to his mother and father. His parents had both passed away by 1908. So I am thinking that Frank lived there until they passed away and then a few years later moved to Fashing looking for greener pastures.

      If anyone has any ideas about where this school was located that would also help me to figure out exactly what community they did live in? I do know that Frank’s brother Carl/Charles, Jr. lived in Gruene, Texas and operated a blacksmith shop there with his son Max until they also moved to Fashing about the same time as Frank. So it is possible that this is a school near Gruene, Texas. York Creek is in the general vicinity out just a little further from Gruene. But the mention of Blanco Rd on the 1910 Census is what gets me? Blanco Rd does not run in this area does it? Where exactly is the Blanco Rd?

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      scan0129 copy

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      I had forgotten that in my collection of goodies I also inherited an autograph book of Hedwig “Hattie” Jonas who was my grandfather’s sister. It is dated Dec. 25, 1909 and I just realized that it occurs about this same time frame. It is my guess that some of the children that signed her autograph book are also in these school photos. Here is a partial list of children whos names were deciferable: Brunno Kretzmier, Henry and James Ogletree, Bertha Hampe, Annie Bernstein, ? & Elsie Pfeuffer, Edwin & Nelson Kroesche, Ella & Lida Schaefer, Lillian Rausch; Emilie, Willie, and Ella Eweling; Ernest K. Gruene, Telka & Wanda Doehue, and Ella & Loni Jahns (twins). All of these children were around 8 to 12 years of age. Most of these I was able to find on the 1910 Cenus and are seemingly from the Goodwin area. THe Eweling children even signed the book Goodwin……so hopefully someone in these families might study these photos and recognize someone. I have been told that Hattie did not attend school but she was probably friends with the same children that her brothers were. My grandfather even signed her book. It is a cherished treasure.

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      Milton Voigt Uecker

      I find this photograph interesting in that I recently, Jan. 2014, was on Fisher Store Road, off of Blanco Road. If this school is located near there then it is just Northwest of where the Cibalo Creek crosses Hwy 281 in BULVERDE. If this school is located in that area then I believe my father may have attended this school. I would be interested in what you may have discovered since posting this. My first cousin, Marvin Uecker Jr. married Arlene Jonas from this area as well.

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