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      Several sources have given me these names for one of the pictures. Would love to fill in some of the missing.

      Bracken Scheutzenverein with Band of Brothers

      Front Row
      1. _________________________________
      2. Karl Steubing
      3. Adolph Haag
      4. _________________________________

      Second Row
      5. Wilhelm Friesenhahn
      6. Joseph Friesenhahn
      7. Conrad Freisenhahn
      8. Theodore Freisenhahn
      9. Anton Freisenhahn
      10. Fritz Marbach
      11. Henry (Heinrich) Freisenhahn
      12. Valentin Freisenhahn

      Third Row
      13. Ernest Haag
      14. _________________________________
      15. _________________________________
      16. William Davenport
      17. Daniel Busch
      18. Wilhelm Fenske
      19. Steven (Stephen) Marbach
      20. John Marbach
      21. _________________________________
      22. Joseph Marbach

      Fourth Row
      23. _________________________________
      24. _________________________________
      25. Otto Haag
      26. _________________________________
      27. _________________________________

      Last Row
      28. Paul Marbach
      29. _________________________________
      30. _________________________________
      31. _________________________________
      32. _________________________________

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      Great photo of the band. Do you mind if we include that in our Texas Dance Hall database?

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      I have two old pictures of a Schuetzenverein from the Comal County area. One picture is the same as posted at:

      I’ve also seen the information on the New Braunfels Schuetzenverein at:

      A couple of questions. Was the NB Schuetzenverein a different organization from the Bracken Schuetzenverein?

      Both of my pictures were taken at the same location. I have identified one individual in both pictures as my GGF, Wilhelm Fenske. I suspect there are other relatives in the pictures, but can’t identify them.

      I’d love to find out more about these pictures and the history of the Bracken Schuetzenverein. Has anyone ever seen a membership list from the late 1880s or 1890s?

      Bracken Schuetzenverein
      Bracken Schuetzenverein

      Bracken Schuetzenverein with Band of Brothers
      Bracken Schuetzenverein with Band of Brothers
Viewing 2 reply threads
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